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Persona 5: A lifetime in one week

Upon finishing the game, I typed “post-persona…” into Google and was both surprised and relieved to see it auto-complete to “… depression.” Surprised because I didn’t expect it to be the first hit, but more relieved to discover I wasn’t … Continue reading

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World Bodypainting Festival 2017 – The VR Experience

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The World Bodypainting Festival 2017

I had the good luck and pleasure of being able to go to The World Bodypainting Festival again this year. I took over 3,000 photos, which I managed to whittle down to about 200 for a decent gallery here, and … Continue reading

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The best games ever

Lists! YouTube is full of lists! “10 things you missed in Halo 2”, “9 reasons to care about Assassin’s Creed”, “13 aardvarks in turn-based strategy games”. They’re kind of stupid. But I wanted to do my own, so I pared … Continue reading

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Google Docs Chapter Fixer

Hey! Do you use Google Docs? Are you writing in chapters? Do you sometimes insert or remove chapters? Then this script is for you! To add it to your Doc, open it up, then go to Tools -> Script Editor. … Continue reading

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World Bodypainting Festival

Last weekend I went to the World Bodypainting Festival in South-East Austria. Having never been before, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was amazed to discover a whole new scene, lots of friendly people, and some very dedicated … Continue reading

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A Focal Point

“We all see life through a different lens.” Eugh. What a tired old cliché (also: isn’t “tired old cliché” a tired old cliché?). It’s a way of justifying to ourselves that we need to be more open-minded. But it does … Continue reading

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Games you should play: iPad

This post should, perhaps, carry a health warning. If your spare time is so precious that you can’t afford some late nights spent doing something new, or that new project haplessly discarded as your attention is stolen away, just stop … Continue reading

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Ceroc Beginners Class

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Who is The Manic Whale?

After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, I have returned to let you know there is some new music I’ve created available for download: Open Your Eyes by I Am The Manic Whale I Am The Manic Whale is a Prog-rock experiment … Continue reading

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