Category: Programming

  • Google Docs Chapter Fixer

    Hey! Do you use Google Docs? Are you writing in chapters? Do you sometimes insert or remove chapters? Then this script is for you! To add it to your Doc, open it up, then go to Tools -> Script Editor. Copy and paste the following code (you might also need to save the script project, […]

  • Ceroc Beginners Class

  • My game is out!

    Last night the Xbox build of Miasma 2 made it onto the marketplace. It’s the culmination of about a year and a half’s work with Pete Lewis, to whom I am very grateful for his hard work. Some other awesome guys chipped in, like Julian Cole for writing an entirely custom music score, Paolo Parrucci […]

  • Please buy my game so I can eat food!

    Hello, You may have seen, heard, or otherwise divined me bleating on about my indie game, Miasma, which I laboured over intensively for about 8 months. Well, if you wanted to give it a try the PC demo is now available and you can grab it from my indie developer website, here: And if […]

  • Play my Xbox Indie Game, Miasma!

    Hello, I’m incredibly proud and somewhat relieved to say that my XNA Indie Game, “Miasma” is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and you can go and play it! It’s the product of 7 months of obsessive work in my spare time, and gave me the opportunity to make a small but deep strategy […]

  • XNA Allocation-free string class

    Hello, I’m developing an XNA game for Xbox and PC, and about half-way through my development cycle I realised I had a problem with memory allocation – or more precisely, with garbage collection. Garbage Collection (GC) occurs when the XNA framework determines that you have allocated and freed a certain amount of memory (currently 1MB), […]