Month: August 2009

  • Davy’s On The Road Again

    Driving somewhere new can be exciting; as can driving a new car, or a different kind of car, or under different road laws. So when all of those factors come together you experience a thrill which is equal parts childish excitement and grown-up fear of responsibility. As I cruised on our first strip of Route […]

  • Branching Out

    It was really raining heavily in Oklahoma City, but it was also really hot, so our first impression was that the city was like a broken shower. It took a little while to orient ourselves and while I was looking confused for a second some guy came out of nowhere to talk to me: “Hey, […]

  • Greyhounded

    We arrived in Flagstaff at about 4:30pm on Wednesday, waved goodbye to Elin, and got dropped off at the greyhound station. Immediately two very friendly guys started quizzing us on where we were from and our travel plans. It was nice, if a bit intense, so we chatted along quite happily. I wanted to take […]

  • Definitely the Grandest

    Grand Canyon Village is surprisingly well supplied. I thought it might be a rag-tag collection of log buildings and archaic coin-operated telescopes, but actually it has all the mod cons you could want – a full (free) shuttle bus service, multiple runways and helicopter pads, a variety of clean and modern cabins, and a choice […]

  • Hoover Damn

    The vast majority of Americans do seem to be very polite. They almost relish their customary “you’re welcome”s and “have a nice day”s as we part. And people here seem very approachable and happy to talk to strangers. I wish the UK was more like that. However there’s very little even the kindest security guard […]

  • Beer and Clothing in Las Vegas

    We’re just leaving Vegas. And I have to say, I like it here. From the ubiquitous slot machines, prostitutes and glitzy shows to the overpriced alcohol, the whole place is designed very specifically to drain you – physically, emotionally and financially. But if you have the funds to back yourself up, you will love it. […]

  • 3 Weeks in the USA!

    I’m about to start a 3 week road trip across (most of) the USA with my girlfriend Sarah, and I hope to post here occasionally with some travel updates. The plan is to start in Las Vegas and make our way to New York by coach, car, helicopter, boat and train. We’ll stop at the […]