Month: September 2009

  • Apple Slice

    New York is a melting pot of diversity, overflowing with people. It seems to be much more European than other cities we’ve visited, more cultural in some ways, but with the classic Americana missing – people won’t help you across the street or offer you a lift into town, but you’ll be drawn into the […]

  • Shipwrecked with Smurfs

    Looking around us, blue coats yelp as we are sprayed repeatedly with fine streams of water, and we are surrounded by a thick mist and whooshing roar of a powerful natural phenomenon. This is Niagara Falls! We’ve had some lazy days on holiday, and probably our time in Toronto was the pinnacle: we got off […]

  • St Louis and Chicago

    My stomach is a battlefield, my intestines the trenches. Corpuscles run in fear as mustard gas erupts around them and arteries wince as more saturated fat rains down from the sky. I think it’s safe to say I’m having a hard time adjusting to a holiday diet – after a huge dinner out one night, […]

  • Cruise Control

    Most of my driving duties have been stripped away from me: we’re driving an automatic, so there are no gears or clutch, and when I turn on cruise control, I don’t need to touch any pedals at all – just steer. It’s a pretty cool feature actually, and it means we can go at the […]