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A month ago I asked you what the past tense of the verb ‘to text’ is. Is it ‘I text her yesterday’ or ‘I texted her yesterday’? Thanks very much for your responses!

Here’s the breakdown of the results:

text 18.6% (13)
texted 75.7% (53)
Other 5.7% (4)

Among the ‘other’ responses were ‘sent her a text’, which just seems to be running away from the problem if you ask me. 🙂 I was a big proponent of ‘texted’, and while I’m pleased that’s what the majority went for, I am surprised that is was only about 75%.

Also I should talk about the survey bias. What demographic posted results to my survey? They’re obviously computer-literate, and if I’m honest, a large proportion of my friends (who are like me) will be very fussy about grammar, even to the point of awkwardness.  So perhaps that skewed things towards ‘texted’ a bit more than the national average.

But still, score one up for the slightly inelegant but regular conjugation!


One response to “Our survey said…”

  1. I say the usage of “text” as a verb is a sort of bastardization of the language in the same way as many video game fans have turned “game” into a verb. Ignorant people (not completely judging here :p ) corrupt the language and then it spreads to the point where it’s impossible to stop it from becoming acceptable. I’d say those “Other” people have the right idea here. :p

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