Delirium and Rebirth

After a night of semi-consciousness, forcing myself to march through the jetlag like a wet bog, muddy hands clinging to the heels of my awareness, I slept and slept and slept and emerged from my egg, ready for an early start on our first tour.

This is what it must feel like to be one of those people who like ‘early starts’. The prospect always baffled me, as someone who needs a profound motivation to be excavated from slumber at any time before 9am. Why would you ever wish to leave your safe haven of warmth, comfort, and safety?? Especially when sleep calls to you like a long lost lover, eager to feel your embrace and breath upon her neck. At this strange correlation point of jetlag and recuperation, though, I found myself with lots of energy at 8am.

The night before we had visited a fun restaurant called ‘Ochre’ which served some questionably authentic Australian recipes such as Wallaby steak, and crocodile with prawns. I was barely myself, though. I might as well have been drunk because the exhaustion skewed all my perceptions and reactions, and despite being served a gorgeous steak and chocolate treats for dessert, I had to fight to stay awake through it.

But an early night, near-hibernation and air conditioning cured me, and on our first morning I was ready for our first tour of the trip: the scenic train to Kurunda village and skyrail.








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