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  • Who is The Manic Whale?

    After a somewhat lengthy hiatus, I have returned to let you know there is some new music I’ve created available for download: Open Your Eyes by I Am The Manic Whale I Am The Manic Whale is a Prog-rock experiment mainly heralded by my old friend and rock companion Michael Whiteman. He wrote the music…

  • New acoustic compositions!

    I’ve written and recorded two new songs.  They’re both instrumental acoustic compositions that I semi-re-de-constructed over the Yuletide period. You can check them out on my music page. Thanks to Mike for recording me rather impromptu in his garage!

  • Music samples online!

    Hello!  I’ve been linking up some of my music.  You can check out mp3 samples from my band AreYouOK? and internet collaboration at my music page, here.