Here are links to many of the recordings I have made with school, uni bands, internet collaborations, or solo.

I Am The Manic Whale (2015)

Have a listen to our album at Band Camp.

Acoustic Compositions (2012)

1. Chimes
2. Climbing

Anastasia Demo (Acoustic Duo 2010)

1. Suddenly I See
2. Don’t Know Why

AreYouOK? Demo (Guildford Band 2008)

1. Song for Somebody
2. Deadly Scene
3. Falling
4. Happy?

Implicit Lyrics (Internet Collaboration 2005)
David Addis and Curtis Downey

1. Frustration
2. Distillation
3. Reflections
4. Bad Attitude
5. Cupid’s Packing Heat
6. Tomorrow’s Yesterday
7. Find Your Faith
8. Together Forever
9. Pineapple

Plucky (Solo)
David Addis

1. Signe
2. Pastoral
3. Prelude from Suite No.1 for Cello
4. Classical Gas
5. Marian’s Dance
6. Tears in the Rain
7. Greensleaves
8. Cancion de Cuna
9. Lute Suite No.1 in E minor (Bourree)
10. Daisy Chain
11. Romance de Amor
12.  August Dawn
13. Clair de Lune
14. Before You Accuse Me
15. 316
16. Days at the Beach
17. Turtle Moon
18. Midnight


Team Laser Explosion Rock Theme (Internet Collaboration)

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