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  • I suck less at snorkelling

    Foooo–ishhhhhhh…. Foooo–ishhhhhhh…. Images flit through my mind of Darth Vader, or perhaps a morbid future self hooked up to a ventilator, but as I practice snorkelling in the Airlie Beach lagoon, I’m concentrating more on making it feel ok to breathe through a snorkel than anything else. As you may have read a few entries […]

  • En-gorged

    On our last day in Cairns, Laura and I went for a trip up the coast with a friend we met in the hostel: Matthew, a fellow Briton from Newcastle. The plan was to see as much of the Atherton Tablelands as possible. Our intentions were far too optimistic, though, and we really only got […]

  • Bats, man

    Walking back to our hostel in Cairns, we saw lots of bats roosting in a couple of trees. I’ve never seen so many bats during the day. It was weird, but somewhat demystified them for me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57rUNe0q99Y

  • Swaying Sex Zombies

    In my laceless trainers, jeans, and £6 ‘Pepsi’ t-shirt from Primark, I’m one of the smartest patrons in the nightclub. Yep, in a city where it takes the utmost mental and psychological acuity to wear anything but shorts, it seems that ‘pants’ is how you differentiate smart from casual. And perhaps there is a telling […]

  • I suck at snorkelling

    It’s official. I may have generated enough tricks and bespoke styles to just about make myself buoyant at the average swimming pool, but with enormous flippers on my feet, a mask that prevents any kind of olfactory respiration, and the prospect of inhaling while one’s mouth is underwater, I’m reduced to a floundering wreck. And […]

  • Shutdown

    11 hours time difference. That’s basically turning your body clock upside-down. Every activity you want to do needs replacing with the exact opposite, and very few activities are even available to you. Watch more TV, read, sleep, or just stare into space and have a bit of a think. I’m currently on the second flight […]