11 hours time difference. That’s basically turning your body clock upside-down. Every activity you want to do needs replacing with the exact opposite, and very few activities are even available to you. Watch more TV, read, sleep, or just stare into space and have a bit of a think.

I’m currently on the second flight from Heathrow to Sydney after a change at Abu Dhabi. It’s supposed to be 14 hours long, and there’s at least another 5 to go. The crew do just about the best job possible, though, often plying us with new drinks and snacks, and I eat like a dog; mercilessly devouring every meal presented to me with little regard for appetite, or manners.

I’m excited about being in Australia. But to stay sane on this flight I just need to hibernate. So I try to get comfy again (one position is never very good for long), and attempt to shut down…



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