My game is out!

Last night the Xbox build of Miasma 2 made it onto the marketplace.

It’s the culmination of about a year and a half’s work with Pete Lewis, to whom I am very grateful for his hard work.

Some other awesome guys chipped in, like Julian Cole for writing an entirely custom music score, Paolo Parrucci for creating some last-minute UI graphics, Jenny Peers for an eye-catching game cover, and many others.  Thank you all.

You can queue it up here:

And read a bit more about it at the ESP Games website, if you like.



2 responses to “My game is out!”

  1. Dear David. Just got back home after a long deployment and reaquainted myself with trusty XBox 360. I saw a demo; Miasma2 I’d pinned for attention so tried it out.THEN bought the full game. Then I searched for,found &bought the first game; Miasma (So now you can eat).My problem is with Miasma. I like control over music in my games, Dave but with Miasma I’m stuck with the same loud music that then repeats! PLEASE tell me how I can turn it off or at least mute it ? 🙂

    1. Hi Gary!

      It’s been quite a while since I made this game! It makes me very happy to know some people are still playing it. 🙂

      I had to dig up the PC installer myself, and I was surprised to find I didn’t include the option to mute sound/music or adjust the volume levels. All I can really say is, sorry!

      Have you tried playing some music through the Xbox guide? I wonder if that might mute the in-game music.

      I hope it doesn’t impact the enjoyment of the game too much… Why *wouldn’t* you want to listen to the awesome beats of Heather Fenoughty and Bjorne Lynne though?! 😉


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