And… I’m back. And reminded of how we humans did not evolve and adapt to 29 hours of flight crossing the world, because I’m feeling physically tired from the flight, but also disorientated to be back in my home country, a place I should understand, and yet also a place that threatens to sweep my life away uncontrollably with a new job, new place to live, and new way of life. And it’s cooooold.

Although, I actually missed being cold. That feeling of being tucked up in a soft jumper, or of warm tea coursing through you, pushing out the chills, was one thing I welcome back.

Like any holiday, it feels like it went quickly, but I remember that we did so much, said and saw so much, and I filled my 64GB iPhone with pictures and video, so there’s even proof. But no matter how inexorably slowly time passes, when it creeps over a deadline it feels like it went in a flash.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog updates from our trip down the East coast of Australia, and it’s persuaded you to embark on that adventure if you’d been mulling it over for far too long.  The really scary thing isn’t the trip, or even the coming back, it’s that the time will creep up and fall away whether you plan something or not.



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