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  • Persona 5: A lifetime in one week

    Upon finishing the game, I typed “post-persona…” into Google and was both surprised and relieved to see it auto-complete to “… depression.” Surprised because I didn’t expect it to be the first hit, but more relieved to discover I wasn’t alone. And I say finished rather than completed because I have the option of starting […]

  • World Bodypainting Festival 2017 – The VR Experience

  • The World Bodypainting Festival 2017

    I had the good luck and pleasure of being able to go to The World Bodypainting Festival again this year. I took over 3,000 photos, which I managed to whittle down to about 200 for a decent gallery here, and then down to a further 8 which I submitted in the photo competition. You can […]

  • My 3D Adventures

    In the last month I’ve been getting completely re-excited by 3D, or stereoscopic photography and gaming.  Recently Fujifilm released the first ever commercial 3D digital camera (I saw it on The Gadget Show), and after a week of realising I didn’t have the money to buy it, I bought one anyway. If you’re unaware of […]

  • Geared Level 80

    One cog away… Are you totally stuck on Geared for iPhone?  On level 80, by any chance?  I was, for days!  It seems totally impossible at first, but after a while I discovered several tricks (that seem like exploits in the game) that allow you to finish the level.  Read on if you’d like to […]

  • Data roaming charges – and how to avoid them

    Hey, Like a good geek, when I got my iPhone I looked through all the menus to uncover its features, and stumbled across the “data roaming” option, which according to the tooltip, said I should turn off when going abroad to avoid “substantial” charges. Last week in LA, I found out exactly how substantial they […]