Category: Life

  • Persona 5: A lifetime in one week

    Upon finishing the game, I typed “post-persona…” into Google and was both surprised and relieved to see it auto-complete to “… depression.” Surprised because I didn’t expect it to be the first hit, but more relieved to discover I wasn’t alone. And I say finished rather than completed because I have the option of starting […]

  • The World Bodypainting Festival 2017

    I had the good luck and pleasure of being able to go to The World Bodypainting Festival again this year. I took over 3,000 photos, which I managed to whittle down to about 200 for a decent gallery here, and then down to a further 8 which I submitted in the photo competition. You can […]

  • World Bodypainting Festival

    Last weekend I went to the World Bodypainting Festival in South-East Austria. Having never been before, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was amazed to discover a whole new scene, lots of friendly people, and some very dedicated and talented artists. You can view my gallery here: The whole experience brings to […]

  • A Focal Point

    “We all see life through a different lens.” Eugh. What a tired old cliché (also: isn’t “tired old cliché” a tired old cliché?). It’s a way of justifying to ourselves that we need to be more open-minded. But it does carry some actually really weighty significance. Bear with me, because I think I can show […]