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  • Persona 5: A lifetime in one week

    Upon finishing the game, I typed “post-persona…” into Google and was both surprised and relieved to see it auto-complete to “… depression.” Surprised because I didn’t expect it to be the first hit, but more relieved to discover I wasn’t alone. And I say finished rather than completed because I have the option of starting […]

  • The best games ever

    Lists! YouTube is full of lists! “10 things you missed in Halo 2”, “9 reasons to care about Assassin’s Creed”, “13 aardvarks in turn-based strategy games”. They’re kind of stupid. But I wanted to do my own, so I pared it back a bit and have produced my own – simple – list. The 5 […]

  • Games you should play: iPad

    This post should, perhaps, carry a health warning. If your spare time is so precious that you can’t afford some late nights spent doing something new, or that new project haplessly discarded as your attention is stolen away, just stop reading now. But if, however, you’re looking for some entertainment on your shiny new iPad, […]

  • A hardcore game developer’s favourite iPhone games

    As a games developer, I have a rather high standard for games that entertain me. Staring at their inner workings for 8 hours a day has given me the keen ability to spot shallow game mechanics (not to mention lazy bugs) – and having played videogames for pretty much my whole life, I’ve been exposed […]

  • Neglected Sexism – Wreck-it Ralph’s Ruin

    This is no doubt in my mind that Wreck-it Ralph is a good film.  I laughed, I liked the characters and wanted them to succeed, and went away feeling entertained.  It managed to walk a fine line between not confusing casual viewers who know very little about computer games and catering to dorky obsessive nerds […]

  • Digital Whimsy: The death of subscription gaming

    I’ve started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware’s hefty stab at capturing the MMO market, and I’m really enjoying it.  It has a rich story that I’ve come to expect from their elite calibre of RPGs, and has me contendly suckling on their upgrade path teet from humble padawan to master jedi. And it’s […]